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Toccoa River Trout Spey Class

The cost for this class is $200 for 1 student for 4 hours 

The Toccoa River near Blue Ridge, Georgia is a wonderful destination to learn the ins and outs of Trout Spey. Lots of deep runs and holes with some fine riffles to swing soft hackles through can make for a fun filled morning getting your feet wet in this awesome aspect of fly fishing.

Spey fishing and casting originated on the River Spey in Scotland many moons ago. Two handed casting has been steadily gaining popularity first in the Pacific Northwest Steelhead streams and now the chase of trout with down sized gear from 2 through 5 weight tackle has exploded on the scene. Now larger rivers that have hard to access runs and holes or buckets because of deep or hard to wade water can be easily fished by the two handed caster without risking a dunking.

Spey casting allows long casts without lots of back casting room. In our 4 hours on the water, Trout Spey mini classes, we provide all the gear needed to sample the sport and figure out if you want to pursue it further. We have 2, 3, and 4 weight spey rods and reels outfitted with Skagit and Scandi shooting heads ready for you to use.

We will cover the Single Spey, Double Spey and Snap T spey casts in full detail. Full explanations of these casts, rigging and the two lines and tip selections are covered. Fly selection, reading the water, and landing trout will also be covered.

The Upper Toccoa River or the Toccoa River Tailwater will be the destination depending on the guide's choice and water conditions. We limit this trip to one angler at a time because of the attention to detail required and more one on one time. The trip usually runs from 8 am to 12 pm year round.

blue ridge fly fishing school
blue ridge fly fishing school
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