Blue Ridge Georgia Guided Fly Fishing Trips


Hulsey Fly Fishing >>

  • Offers several choices for guided fly fishing trips around Blue Ridge Georgia.

  • Beginners or experienced anglers welcomed. 

  • Float or wade fly fishing trips. Public or private waters around North Georgia and North Carolina.

  • All fly fishing gear is provided for trips.

  • Fishing license and trout license for Georgia or North Carolina required.

  • Catch and Release Only.

  • Fly Fishing Trips available Year-Round around. 

  • Option of guided fly fishing trips at your cabin on the water around the Blue Ridge area!

  • Contact us at 706-639-4001.

​​Public Waters in Georgia (Toccoa River, Cooper Creek, Rock Creek, Noontootla Creek)

Guided fly fishing float trip on Toccoa

Half Day Wade                  1 Person       $175

Half Day Wade                  2 Person       $225

Half Day Wade                  3 Person       $275

Full Day Wade                   1 Person       $250

Full Day Wade                   2 Person       $300

Full Day Wade                   3 Person       $350

Public Waters (Toccoa River Blue Ridge Georgia)

Half Day Float                   1 Person       $300

Half Day Float                   2 Person       $350

Full Day Float                    1 Person       $400

Full Day Float                    2 Person       $450

**Full Day Float includes lunch for anglers**

Toccoa River Trout Spey Float (Blue Ridge Georgia)

 Full Day Float (6 hours)   1 Person      $400

​​Public Waters in North Carolina (Fires Creek and Nantahala River)

Half Day Wade                 1 Person       $200

Half Day Wade                 2 Person       $250

Half Day Wade                 3 Person       $300

Full Day Wade                  1 Person       $275

Full Day Wade                  2 Person       $325

Full Day Wade                  3 Person       $375

Fly fishing on Fires Creek North Carolina

Private Trophy Trout Waters 

Noontootla Creek Farms

Noontootla Creek Farms

Half Day (AM/PM)                 1 Person              $315

Half Day (AM/PM)                 2 Person              $415

Half Day (AM/PM)                 3 Person              $625

Full Day                                     1 Person             $425

Full Day                                     2 Person             $610

Full Day                                     3 Person             $925

      **Full Day trips include lunch for anglers**

For information about Noontootla Creek Farms visit our page here. We have been fortunate to guide for over 12 years on this awesome piece of trophy trout water. Located within 16 miles of Blue Ridge.