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European Czech Nymphing Class

The cost for the class is $200 for 1 student for 4 hours

Czech Nymphing is an extremely effective fish producing technique that has become very popular across the world of fly fishing. Originating in Europe, this style of nymph fishing is extensively utilized in fly fishing competitions. This technique is deadly at close range and can become quite addicting.

At times, it is mind blowing at how many fish can be put in the net with this method. Long light fly rods are used to maneuver the heavy flies down through the holes and riffles ticking the bottom right in the face of unsuspecting trout.

Specialized flies, lines, and leader systems are used and will be discussed thoroughly. Reading the water, stalking techniques, and landing fish will be covered. High quality gear will be provided for our classes.

Our destinations for our 4 Hour Czech Nymphing Class will be the Toccoa River or Cooper Creek depending on water conditions and instructors choice. We limit this class to one angler at a time to provide more one on one time for the details necessary to be covered.

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