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Blue Ridge Trout Trek

Cost is $250 for 1 Angler or $300 for 2 Anglers per Trek Day

Blue Ridge Trout Trek

Our Blue Ridge Trout Trek is one of our most popular trips. We get questions all the time like “Where do I go when I’m in Blue Ridge fly fishing? How do I stay off private property? Blue Ridge is the Trout Capital of Georgia but I don’t have a clue where to start? Can you tell me? The Blue Ridge Trout Trek covers the best fly fishing access points and sections on 4 different local streams. We also added 2 North Carolina Delayed Harvest streams because they are incredible fisheries that are just an hour away from Blue Ridge. We are sure you will fall in love with these streams as we have over the years. After these tours, you will have a good handle on where to fish on any given day of the year. We supply any fly fishing gear needed. Normal times spent will be around 5 - 6 hours each day roughly 8 am - 2 pm.

On Trout Trek Brown, we cover the 3 best public access points for wading on the Toccoa River Tailwater near Blue Ridge, Georgia. We cover the best fly selections and where to wade for maximum effectiveness and safety. We will fast fish each section to give you a good idea as to where to come back too.

On Trout Trek Rainbow, we cover the Upper Toccoa River, Cooper Creek, and Noontootla Creek. Public access points and the best fly selections are covered. We will fast fish each stream section. It’ll be up to you to come back and explore these fine trout streams in more detail.

On Trout Trek Brook, we cover Fires Creek Delayed Harvest and Nantahala River Delayed Harvest Section in North Carolina. We will show you the public access areas for these streams, how to fish them, best fly selection and tackle, and fly fish along the way.

Toccoa Tailwater Trout Fishing
Cooper Creek Fishing
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