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Fly Casting Classes
Cost is $60 per hour per student up to 6 students 

The Blue Ridge Fly Fishing School provides several different options in fly casting classes. If you are needing a tune up to your basic fly cast or improve accuracy, we can help. And, if you are planning a trip to the saltwater flats or to the windy Rocky Mountains being able to double haul is essential. Our distance casting lessons can work wonders. David and Becky Hulsey have decades of teaching experience in the art of casting a fly. You will receive expert fly casting instruction from a Fly Fishers International Master Fly Casting Instructor and  Certified Casting Instructor. Also, both have graduated from Joan Wulff's Fly Casting Instructors Course.  We limit the class to one hour so you are not overloaded with information. This is not a fishing trip. All equipment is provided or you can bring your own. A convenient meeting place near Blue Ridge, Georgia will be set up between you and your instructor for your class.

blue ridge fly fishing school
Basic Fly Casting Class >>

In this class, we cover the Basic Fly Cast, Roll Cast, and False Cast. The Basic Fly Casting Class focuses on those just getting started in fly fishing or folks wanting a review of the basics of the fly cast. David and Becky can get you started on the right foot. They can help to dissect problems to fix your cast. We conduct this class on grass to assist with trouble shooting your stroke. This will make it easier to break down the cast for you. The roll cast is a popular cast that most anglers use here in the southeast due to a lot of overhang on the streams. It also helps when casting more than one fly on your line. The false cast is a great technique for anglers wanting to change fly position or get some water off your dry fly. Learning to become proficient in these casts will help make you more successful on the water

Double Haul & Distance Class >>

The need for fly casting distance and speed is essential for the angler to grow their skills to be able to fish in saltwater, on large lakes, or for windy western waters. Here at the Blue Ridge Fly Fishing School, we have successfully fished them all. Over the last two decades of teaching fly casting to hundreds of folks, we have broken down distance techniques into easily understood steps that provide results in the very first hour of instruction. We teach line handling, the double haul, and shooting line. We do recommend that you have previous fly casting experience before you take this class. The distance class is done on grass to be able to break the cast down into easy to digest and understandable parts. We find this is the best process for rapid results. 

Customized Casting Class >>

Contact us if you are looking a more focused casting class. We will be glad to work with you to put something together so that your goal for your casting class is achieved in the end.

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