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Rock Creek - North Georgia

fly fishing north georgia

Rock Creek flows off the high mountains near Suches, Georgia. The Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery also known as the Rock Creek Hatchery is here and takes advantage of the cold water from a tributary for its trout rearing operation. The hatchery staff stocks lots of fish here weekly through the spring and summer providing many fish for the angler wanting to take home a few trout for dinner. Pretty much each pull off along the road is near a decent hole deep enough to hold fish. There are both wild and stocked fish here. There is a lot of fishing pressure and weekends are usually avoided by the fly fisher wanting a little privacy. Through the week you can have a few holes by yourself for a little while during early mornings.

The newly stocked fish will destroy a Y2K, Egg Pattern, Pink San Juan Worm, or Prince nymph with gusto! Dry/ Dropper rigs with a big Yellow Stimulator and a Prince Dropper is a killer and fun to fish option. Three weight fly rods from 6 to 8 feet will get the job done in addition to a good roll cast technique to avoid the many trees along this small stream. Coopers Creek is only a few minutes away and another good option if the crowds are too much on Rock. 

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