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Cooper Creek - North Georgia

fly fishing north georgia

Cooper Creek in the North Georgia Mountains is a small to medium sized trout stream of exceptional beauty. Huge trees and boulders line the banks of this crystal clear creek making the surrounding flora look like something out of a Harry Potter movie. This rivulet contains both brightly colored wild and stocked rainbow and brown trout.

Cooper Creek is located off of Hwy 60 near Suches, Georgia. It’s a great place for us to take beginners to learn the ins and outs of small stream fly fishing or Tenkara fishing. Trout are stocked in the lower reaches of the creek almost weekly during spring and summer and the local fisher folk know this. It can be crowded on holidays and weekends but the fly fisher can find some solitude during the middle of the week here.

The Mulky Gap Campground area is heavily fished and avoiding this area can be a good idea during the warmer months. If you are willing to do a little bush whacking finding trout is not that hard. The pull outs along the streamside roads are numerous and usually a trail will lead to a nice run or hole.

A six to eight foot 3 or 4 weight fly rod will usually fill the bill up here along with a few high riding dries such as Stimulators and Elk Hair Caddis. Simple nymph patterns such as the Prince and Pheasant Tail in size 14 will usually be productive. For the newly stocked trout junk food such as Y2K bugs and San Juan Worms will work.

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