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Learn to Tie Flies
Cost $100 per student for 2 hours / $100 for each additional student

Tying flies is one of the most rewarding aspects of fly fishing besides catching fish of course. Catching a fish on one of your own creations makes the experience doubly sweet! Here at the Blue Ridge Fly Fishing School, we tie almost all our own flies that we use on the water every day. Certain patterns produce fish consistently for us. These pattern are quick and easy to learn to tie for beginners. Our structured class takes you through different skills methodically building skills for the next pattern. Fly tying is centuries old and can lead you into a wonderful place of art and utility. Nothing is better on a cold evening curled up at the fly tying desk spinning up a few bugs!

blue ridge fly fishing school
Beginner Fly Tying Class >> 

Our Beginner Fly Tying Class is the perfect place to start on your fly tying journey!

Getting started fly tying can seem like a confusing and daunting task.

We take all that away in a short 2 Hour session that will give you confidence to expand your skills.

You’ll also walk away from the class with several fish producing flies to try on your next fly fishing trip! We make learning to tie flies easy and fun.

In our Beginner Fly Tying class, we’ll tie four different fly patterns that’ll cover the river from top to bottom. These patterns are guide flies that produce fish for us on our guide trips. Fast and easy to tie you’ll use these patterns for years to come.

Use of high quality tying tools and materials are supplied in the class. In addition, you’ll receive a recipe card with a material list to take with you to your local fly shop to get materials in the future.

A convenient meeting/tying location will be arranged and we’ll get started!

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